Home Air Conditioners can be window type, where the compressor, condenser, and the evaporator are placed in a single unit; or split type, where the compressor and the condenser are placed in an outdoor unit, while the evaporator is in the indoor unit. Either type can function for cooling only or for both cooling and heating (heat pump) purposes. The split types have wider acceptance in the application against the window types.


In all of the units, connections between the evaporator, the condenser, and the compressor are made by various copper tubular parts and assemblies, the complexity and variety of which change with the type, capacity, and functional characteristics of the units.


At KONVEYOR, the copper connecting tubes are manufactured through the cut-to-length, end forming, CNC bending machines and assembled together on rotating tables by hard brazing with nitrogen gas protection inside. The assemblies are 100% tested against leakage.


KONVEYOR also manufactures and supplies the MOUNTING KITS for all size air conditioners with accessories and can ship in custom made boxes. Following the trend shifting from copper to aluminum, KONVEYOR has converted the traditional copper connecting lines to aluminum successfully.


It can be said that KONVEYOR has the highest capacity in the copper tube fabrication and descent experience and knowledge in the tube processing technology in a wide area covering Europe, Western Asia, and Africa.