KONVEYOR started extruding refrigeration grade aluminium tubes (1000 series) since mid 2006. The product is for internal consumption mainly, but could also be sold if requests should remain within the excess capacity limit.


  • RANGE: 5-12 mm OD for refrigeration tubes in coil form; 12-50 mm OD automotive or refrigeration tubes straight lengths.
  • ALLOYS: AL 1000 series for refrigeration;
  • SPECIFICATIONS: EN 573-3 and EN 755-1
  • COILS: 500 mm ID, 800-1200 mm OD, 350-500 mm H; weights up to 200 kg.
  • LEAK TESTING: all coils are tested against leak and all coils contain 20 bars of nitrogen inside (the ends are crimped).
  • PACKAGING: 4 or 5 coils are placed firm on wooden pallets, the outside is protected by carton and stretch wrapping

KONVEYOR manufactures copper capillary tubes for refrigeration and air conditioning applications since 2001. The raw material for this production is 6.35-9.52 mm OD DHP grade copper tubes (mother tubes) supplied in LWC coils from suppliers. The mother tube is cold drawn to final size in various drawing steps. The product is for internal consumption mainly, but could also be sold to current customers depending on the request and capacity conditions.


  • RANGE: OD = 1.8-3.5 mm, ID = 0.55-1.5mm
  • ALLOY: 99.95% min Cu (DHP grade)
  • COILS: The product is manufactured in 20-50 kg coils
  • SPECIFICATION: EN 12735 and EN 12450
  • QUALITY: The flow rating is taken under control by regular checks made for each coil being manufactured. The internal cleanliness meets with the DIN 8964 expectation.
  • HARDNESS: The product may be "hard, as drawn, F 36", "semi-hard, around F 26" or in "soft condition under F 20". The annealing is made in special oven under control atmosphere available internally.
  • PACKAGING: Coils are packed in carton boxes and the boxes are placed firm on wooden pallets (weight per pallet: 400-500 kg).
  • ALUMINIUM CapilLary Tubes are also available at KONVEYOR.