KONVEYOR has been manufacturing refrigeration filter driers since many years.The product is well within the common standard, but the production capacity and competitiveness levels are limited for relatively lower volume demand.

Production range includes driers up to 25 grs desiccant capacity(all out 19 mm OD copper tube ) and for a various refrigerant applications like R12,R134A, R404, R600, et al.

Packing is in sealed drums shipment is on Euro pallets.


The accumulators used in refrigeration systems are a high volume product at KONVEYOR . They could be manufactured from either out of aluminium or copper tubes.

The range is up to 35 OD mm fort he copper and 50 OD fort he aluminium accumulators.

The accumulators are either delivered to customers or used in-house in the assembly of product Heat Exchangers or No Frost Evaporators.


KONVEYOR also produces several millions of aluminium-copper connectors for refrigeration systems annually.

The joining method applied, Ultrasonic Soldering System(fluxless joint),is unique;it makes the joints stronger and more reliable compared to the alternatives.

8 mm OD tubes are normally used, but there is no limitation in joining the other diameters.


The Schrader Valve is a component used to ease the refrigeration charge in the field services,but they could also be used in the factories.

Schrader valves can be requested in different lengths or as coupled with filter driers.

KONVEYOR’s prices are competitive,especially when the requested product is combined with the filter drier.