KONVEYOR specializes in fabricated copper tube parts and assemblies that are used in gas water heater units (domestic boilers).


A gas water heater may be a simple unit generating hot water for a household or it may be a more sophisticated unit called "combi units," generating also hot water for home heating. Within the circuit of the combi unit, more sophticated copper tube assemblies with forged-machined brass bodies or as mounted with special valves are also involved.


On the other hand, some manufacturers prefer shiny looking nickel-plated copper tubular parts for esthetical expectations.


  • KONVEYOR manufactures large quantities of a wide variety of such tubular parts and components.
  • Major local or European suppliers provide copper tubes either DHP (SF-Cu) grade or as per related standards.
  • Forged-machined brass bodies and nickel plating operations are carried out by KONVEYORs suppliers under KONVEYOR's Quality System.
  • Brazing operations are made in-house and all brazed assemblies pass through leak tests as per customer's requirements.
  • Parts and components are packed in carton boxes which are placed on Euro-pallets for long distance deliveries.