Drier machines maintain biggest growing rates among the appliances in the European market since around 2010 and all of the manufacturers have been expanding their production capacities ever since. There are a couple of types of the machines for different customer segments in the market.


The principle is to dry the already mangled clothes put inside of the machine drum by taking the humidity away via an air circulation and condense it in water form at another section of the machine.


The most famous and efficient ones are known as “heat-pump” type of drier machines. In such machines there also exist cooling circuits consisting of all respective components like compressors, evaporators, condensers, etc. The circulated air leaves the humidity in water droplets in the evaporator and then heated up in the condenser again on its way to the drum.


KONVEYOR manufactures and supplies the Al-Al evaporators, Al-Al condensers, Cu filter dryers, and the copper tube parts of the heat-pump type of drier machines for the well-known local and European manufacturers of them.