Many refrigerators have dynamic condensers. Air is "forced" across the condenser coils by a condenser fan to aid in removal of the heat being pulled from the refrigerator. Forced air condensers are located under the refrigerator with a fan sitting to the side pulling cool air in from the right front of the refrigerator and exhausting the warm air out to the left front. This warm air could also be passed over the drip pan to aid in evaporating the water accumulated from defrosting. As a general rule, automatic defrost models will have a forced air condenser.


The range and features of the dynamic condensers can be described as follows:


  • Serpentines are formed in full automatic machines, commonly out of 4.76±0.08 x 0.70±0.10 OD electric welded steel tubes in coil form.
  • Low carbon steel wires are welded in special machines out of 1.3-1.6 mm diameter.
  • Inlet and outlet adaptors (stubs) are connected by the Ag/brass alloy brazing method or remain as steel (w/o stubs)
  • KONVEYOR engineering team can optimize the design for airflow and space constraints of customer.
  • Depending on the customer requirements, the condensers can be assembled with driers, copper heating tubes and then shipped as ready-to-use in the assembly lines.

  • All condensers are tested against leak by helium chambers and they meet the related internal cleanliness standards.
  • The tested units are zinc plated to 10-12 microns in the fully automatic zinc plating lines.
  • As the last operation, the Zinc plated units are coated in a protective, black color lacquer coating (10-12 microns).
  • For long distance deliveries, condensers are packed in carton boxes, and the boxes are placed firm on Euro-pallets.