Expanded heat exchangers are used as evaporators and condensers with a very wide range in the industry. Expanded heat exchangers can be described as follows
  • It has a wide range of uses in drying machines and commercial refrigerators
  • Very good contact between fin and copper tube as the copper tube is expanded. Thus high efficiency is achieved.
  • Many compact design of the heat exchangers can be made. Also it takes up little space in the system.
  • Very low fin pitch can be provided by current process capability.
  • Product design and production is made with grooved and smooth copper tubes with only 5 mm tube diameter, depending on customer request.
  • Different designs and tube pattern can be made using the capacity calculation software.
  • Lots of variety of fin designs can be made such as flat, rippled edges, wavy, wavy rippled edges.
  • Highly efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly product range.
  • %100 Helium chamber test is applied in the production to define leakage of parts.