A Freezer Shelves" system is a multi-functional product combining both "shelves" and the "evaporator" of a refrigerator within itself. As these are multi-functional features and also are made out of relatively cheaper materials like steel tube and wire, they are less expensive compared to the traditional alternatives and hence they are considerably used in the application. The only
disadvantage, however, could be that the shelves in this application are fixed rather than the removable ones in the alternatives.


In the production at KONVEYOR, 8x0.70 mm steel tube, 1.3-1.6 mm steel wires are used and the production steps are as follows:


  • Cutting the lengths (for the wire and the tube),
    serpentine forming, resistance welding (for the wires to the serpentines) and secondary bending operations are performed by automatic machines.
  • The individual shelves and the heat exchanger are brought and hard brazed together to form 2 to 8 shelves units.
  • The manufactured units are tested against leaks by Helium Snuffers (1st step test).
  • The tested units are zinc plated to 10-12 microns in the fully automatic zinc plating lines.
  • After the zinc plating, the 2nd step leak test is applied by Helium Chamber testing systems. The TWO STEP testing principle is unique to KONVEYOR, in order to reach "absolute zero" level leak defects at the assembly lines.
  • As the last operation, the Zinc plated units are coated in a protective and food friendly clear lacquer coating (10-12 microns).
  • The finished products are packed on euro pallets and shipped to customers.

The design, i.e. number of shelves per unit, shelf
dimensions, form of serpentine and wire spacing could be adjusted as per customers' requirements.