The immersion pipe can be described as follows
  • In NO FROST type refrigerators, the humidity in the cabinet is collected as ice on special evaporators, and then it is defrosted automatically and discharged to the outside in the form of water at certain intervals. This water is collected in the special plastic case that is in the refrigerator. Thus immersion pipe evaporates water in the plastic case and removes away from the refrigerator.
  • It supports heat rejection by placing the condenser inlet and outlet. This increases the performance of the system and saves energy.
  • Products of many different dimensions can be produced with the CNC bending machine.
  • Steel and copper tube are available for immersion pipe production.
  • Copper coating, zinc coating, electrostatic powder painting, and shrink sleeve can be applied over the immersion pipes.
  • High quality and durable products. Red rust is not seen at least 72 hours of salt spray test.