In NO FROST type refrigerators, the humidity in the cabinet is collected as ice on special evaporators, and then it is defrosted automatically and discharged to the outside in the form of water at certain intervals. The defrosting is done via various types of heater elements, and the sequence is controlled by special control elements attached to the evaporators.
The NF Evaporators are manufactured in different designs, each having their own advantages and disadvantages. The one manufactured by KONVEYOR is known as the Brazeway type (or inclined type), after the U.S. company who developed it many years ago.

The range and features of the no-frost evaporators can be described as follows:

  • Aluminium serpentines are formed in full automatic machines, commonly out of 8x0.70 mm OD aluminium tubes in coil form.
  • Fins are stamped in special lines out of 0.140-0.170 mm thick aluminium sheets (fin stocks).
  • Fins-Serpentine combination is made in fully automatic machines.


  • Copper inlet and outlet adaptors (stubs) are connected by the Zn-Al alloy soldering or eutectic welding methods.
  • The product range:
    L= 250-750 mm
    H= 135 to 590 mm
    W (the fin width)= 35, 42, 50, 60, 75, or 100 mm
    P (Fin spacing) = 4 or 5 mm (or multiples of 4 or 5) in general
  • All evaporators are tested against leak by helium snuffers and they meet the related internal cleanliness standards.
  • Depending on the customer requirements, the evaporators can be assembled with accumulators, suction tubes, heating and control elements and then shipped as ready-to-use in the assembly lines.
    For long distance deliveries, evaporators are packed in carton boxes, and the boxes are placed firm on Euro-pallets.

The Aluminium tube is manufactured at KONVEYOR in standard, internally pressurized (N at 20 bars) coil forms. The internal pressures of the coils are controlled just before using them in the serpentine forming machines. Any coil having less than 19 bars of internal pressure (implying the leak), is not used in the production.


KONVEYOR is able to offer the HEATER ELEMENTS which are also produced internally.


The machinery of this challenging(NF) evaporator was developed in Konveyor and product is supplied to a US customer.Below are some features:

  • The Al tube used is 11.10x0.95 mm (extruded internally),
  • The range:
    L=1100 mm(max)
    H=152-588 mm (multiples of 76.2mm)
    W=60 or 120 mm (fin width)
    P=6.35 or 8.45 mm (or multiples of the same)
  • The stup connections, testing, and packaging are the same as in the case of refrigerator NF evaporators.


    The heather elements used for the defrosting of the NF evaporators are also manufactured in Konveyor.The most critical machines used in the resistance wire and the insulation fibre winding, and also in the terminal mounting were supplied from the respective European specialists.The rest of machinery has been developed in Konveyor.The special size aluminium tube is also manufactured internally. No matter if the power distribution and the terminal tightness/quality are under control the respective production machines, we still apply the respective tests as 100% in the final products.The other test also applies as 100% is the high voltage test.

    Our aim is to put our heater elements in all of the NF evaporators manufactured by Konveyor and to give the respective savings to our customers.