The TOP evaporator in general consists of a thin aluminium plate and an aluminium tube serpentine fixed firm on one side of it. Depending on the application at customer, the evaporator could be supplied as the adhesive paper tape fixed on the reverse side or not, and/or as the (aluminium) heat exchanger connected or not.


The TOP evaporator production was developed and started in KONVEYOR in 2009. All of the respective machines used in the production including automatic gluing film application on aluminium plates and full automatic serpentine forming were developed by the R&D team of KONVEYOR.


The popularity and wide acceptance of the product at customers have pushed the KONVYOR's TOP volume to over one million within the first year, and then to 4 million pieces within the next a few years. It is our aim to further develop the production technique and to continue being the preferred supplier at customers for the said product as well.