I was born just after the Second World War, in a small town in western Turkey. Being from a middle class family, my father was a fabric merchant with a small shop there. Starting from my primary school years, I worked in the shop to help my father from time to time, especially during summer holidays, until I graduated from high school in 1965. Meantime, I was also living my childhood to the fullest by playing all kinds of games on the streets with my friends, and my father had always indulged me.

I grew up at a time when life was very difficult due to negative effects of the war on the economy, which was easily noticeable in our daily lives. What I gradually learned by myself was that our shop was our only means of living and our customers were very valuable. "If customers did not exist, we would not exist at all" my father used to say and "we have to be fair to them and care for their rights before we do for ours", "their trust is the most precious treasure we can earn", "we must be able to place ourselves in their position from the time they enter into our shop". I believe my father inherited those manners from his father when they had worked together in the same shop until my father took it over.

I think these teachings that I grasped in the fabric store have been the most important factor behind our company's remarkable growth, from the very beginning to the present, and I think I have been able to transfer the same manners to my colleagues too.

However, on this journey, I have also learned that only acting fairly to customers is definitely not enough in today's highly competitive marketplace. We also have to create additional values to customers through investments, innovations, and continuous improvements each and every day in order to help them stay competitive so that they can "exist" and grow… This is what we have been trying to do for quite a long time.

I do not have the slightest doubt and do strongly believe that next generations of KONVEYOR will take the company which I found to higher standards, adhering to our core values with the same manners as a valuable supplier as before.

Hasan Basri AKSU