We have a separate organization for designing and building machines, located inside the Free Zone Factory. It consists of two separate teams (designing and building) that are supervised by a separate R&D manager.

In the R&D design team, we have full time design engineers and technicians. Their primary task is to design machines, to develop automation systems to be used in KONVEYOR factories only, and to upgrade existing machines across all facilities.

The design team is also able to develop products when necessary via simulation programs like CFD and FAE. Various laboratory equipment and testing systems in across KONVEYOR facilities may be used in the product developments (like hardness, tensile, salt spraying, miscibility, thermal shock, calorimeter, and humidity tests).

We also have a PERFORMANCE TESTING RIG to test the internally developed condensers and evaporators and to compare performance results with the ones currently used by our customers which had been also tested in the same rig before.

Our machine building team consists of numerous master workmen and technicians, and always works in tandem with our design team.

Both teams have proven themselves many times in completing many projects successfully. Capillary tubes, NF evaporators, Al tube extrusion, POT evaporators, and different kinds of tube processing machines and automation systems being used in KONVEYOR factories are living examples of these projects. We also have examples of products developed together by our customers’ which improved upon their original designs.

R&D teams work in coordination across all factories and report to plant managers, whereas the machine building team reports to the President directly