The positions available for the white collar employee are published on , and anyone can apply for these positions by presenting his/her CV there. The blue collar candidates should apply to the Human Resources Department by themselves and fill the application form for the evaluation.

In addition, any white or blue collar candidate could also apply online by filling the application form available at


Students at high school level technical or nontechnical vocational schools can perform their respective internships at KONVEYOR. Similarly, university level students are also welcome to make their mandatory internships or summer practices at KONVEYOR.
Candidates could apply personally, via e-mails, or by filling the internship form available at online.


In principle all applications are kept strictly confidential and all applicants are responded back after the evaluation of the forms have been completed.

Depending on the position, the factors like experience, competence, capability, references, as well as age and education of candidates are evaluated carefully in order to see if they fulfil the criteria to join to the KONVEYOR family.

The selected white collar candidates are invited for interviews at the Human Resources Department. Depending on situations, outstanding candidates may be taken to respective departments directly for further interviews or they are called back after a while for the same. Depending on positions, further examinations and/or personality tests may apply.



The wage management and re-evaluation of wages are done once (January) or twice (January and July) a year depending on the governmental minimum wage announcement periods. The factors like increases in minimum wage, inflation, and actual performances of the employee are taken into account in the re-evaluations.

Additional benefits for every employee: transportation, free lunch/diner, food and fuel (coal) aids, education aids (to anybody having children going to school). The company scholarship is available for every employee's children going to university.

Additional benefits for eligible employee: depending on the eligibility, 13th to 16th month payments, health insurance, personal cars, and renting aids are available.


Yearly education/training plans are prepared by the contribution of all departments at the beginning of every year.
During the preparation, the factors like educational plans, company targets, qualifications, capabilities, new positions, new investments/projects, and the demands of employee are taken into account. The programs could be held either inside of the KONVEYOR factories or outside. Orientation training periods are arranged for new white collar employee in order for them to adapt the working environment as quick as possible.
Rotations could take place when positions are to change.