Our vision:

Konveyor Group, with its human, environment and customer oriented Integrated Management System, will support its strategic direction in accordance with its purpose and context, via risk management focus and process-based approach. It will determine its targets and opportunities with all relevant elements and in a way that will ensure its continuity and put it into practice.



Konveyor Integrated Management System:


• Allocates the necessary opportunities and resources to achieve defined and monitored Quality, Environment and OHS goals and objectives,

• Organizes trainings that will enable its employees, contractors, visitors and all relevant stakeholders to internalize and adopt the system, share information based on ethical rules by using communication channels,

• Ensures the participation of employees and their representatives in the improvement and development of the system,

• Provides the necessary information, equipment and conditions within reason in order to conduct production processes at once, without error and without creating waste,

• Acts in accordance with the principle of corporate social responsibility and continuous improvement in all processes, in order to protect natural resources, eco-system, minimize the effects on the climate and minimize the environmental effects,

• Acts with the strategic goal of protecting from accidents and occupational diseases, eliminating HSE-related hazards and reducing risks by creating a safe and healthy working environment for its employees, contractors, visitors and all relevant stakeholders with the goal of zero accident,

• Fulfills obligations and other binding conditions arising from laws, national and international stakeholders,



The management constantly reviews effectiveness of the system via internal and external audits, customer and employee satisfaction visits and surveys; it is committed to continuous improvement with effective and permanent solutions by examining the root causes of deficiencies and nonconformities.


Hasan Basri Aksu

General Manager