Konveyör Information Security Management System Policy


 Konveyör has built, established and implemented an Information Security Management System (ISMS) within the context of the organization, including all the processes necessary and together with production and sales activities. The system maintains and continually improves itself keeping compliance with all the international standards, laws, aggreements, Turkish Republic rules and primarily the TS/ISO/IEC 27001 Standard.


 The sub policies and responsibility of employees, interfaces and dependencies between activities performed by the organization, and those that are performed by other organizations are determined and declared by means of these policies. Top management has also assigned responsibilities and authorities for reporting performance of the information security management system within the organization.


 The Top Management is commited to provide all the training, sources and requirements of the system keeping all the parties within or in relation with the company, well informed and aware about the significance and the actions for security breach. There is continual internal auditing and Top Management reviews the system at least once a year, for the internal audit results, incidents, breaches and improvements.


Hasan Basri Aksu

General Mng.