Konveyor Group’s Environmental & Quality Management System (EQMS), established to support its strategic direction in accordance with the purpose, scope and context, is mainly a risk management based system focusing basically on human, environment and customers, determining and implementing the flow, risks, environmental aspects, control plans and objectives of each process constituting the scope. 

Scope: The production of machined and/or tubular parts and components for automotive or white goods industries and the related activities of marketing, sales and foreign trade of the same

Konveyor Group Management is committed to provide:

-the means and resources to reach the targets

- trainings enabling all stakeholders to adopt and internalize the system

- applicable conditions for processes with the necessary information and equipment for scrap-free correct production at first pass

- protection of natural resources and ecosystems in all processes and prevention,   minimization of environmental impacts, continual improvement of environmental performance

- safe work environment, compliance with laws and obligations   

-a medium that provides training, follow-up and continuity within the framework of corporate social responsibility undertaken to ensure that management and employee relations are fully committed to ethical rules

-auditing the suppliers of material or service for compliance with the environmental performance, employee relations and ethical rules

- voluntary participation of employees, contextual elements and all  stakeholders for the success of the system

Konveyor Management continuously reviews the effectiveness of the System through internal and external audits and customer and employee satisfaction through visits and surveys; examines the root causes of deficiencies and nonconformities and provides effective and permanent solutions; is committed to continual improvement.




Hasan Basri Aksu                                                 

General Manager